Brian Austin Green Shares 8-Year-Old Son Noah’s Insane Artwork

Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian came under fire online for posting a painting she claimed had been painted by her 8-year-old daughter North – but the internet just wasn’t buying it.

The internet went wild, with comments on Twitter, including: “You’re telling me that all of the sudden North West can paint like Bob Ross? That’s a lie I just can’t get behind.”

Eventually, the story was debunked, and it was (pretty much) proven North did in fact paint the picture – albeit during a supervised art class. But now, fellow celebrity parent Brian Austin Green has spoken up in support of Kim.

Brian took to Insta last month to offer his words of belief in North West’s talents – for one specific reason. His own kid, 8-year-old Noah, had created a similar masterpiece. “Someone told me that Kim K was given a hard time for posting a pic of a painting North had done,” he wrote across the Instagram story. “Noah is now working on the same thing in the same art class. It’s unbelievable but true. The kids are painting these, and North’s is beautiful.”

Kim’s friend Tracy Romulus, whose daughter Ryan is best friends with North, also came to Kim’s defense following the controversy. Her own kid had also created a similar painting at the same class. “‘I have that I have to comment but grown adults are putting a lot of energy into questioning whether or not my daughter and her best friend actually painted the works we have shared proudly as parents,” Romulus said on her Instagram stories at the time. “Both girls are in art class together and learning oil painting techniques from an instructor. They spend weeks at a time on a single painting and are incredibly proud of themselves once they complete a project. They are following a curriculum but the works are original, starting from a blank canvas and each child’s interpretation.”

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In fact, a TikToker has shared a video proving that these pictures were created by the kids. “‘This is me at 7 years old,” she shared. “And this is the infamous painting. My mom taught me how to paint this and she taught North how to paint the same one, just two weeks ago.’ She’s been an art teacher for thirty years and everyone who comes to her classes starts with the exact same painting when they’re starting out.”

And it seems the internet has been won around this time. “Amazing artwork talented children. Critics are just jealous that their children didn’t do it. Classic bullying really,” one Facebook commenter wrote. “This is such a pretty piece of artwork tell him to keep going. I would be proud to hang this in my home,” another told Brian Austin Green.

Do you believe these famous kids are producing this incredible art? Or do you still believe the conspiracy?

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