Choose Which Workout You Need, According to Your Body Type

It all starts with genetics! Your body type dictates the type of training program you need. There are 3 different body types and each one is completely possible to get into shape. The important thing is to follow recommendations to get at least some results and to not harm yourself.

We at Viral Inspiral are always interested in self-improvement and we understand the importance of having a healthy and in-shape body, but it all hinges on the right approach.

1. Long and lean, with difficulty building muscle

You’ve got the build of a marathon runner! This body type is also called an ectomorph. They have small shoulders, flat chests, and very lean frames. It is difficult to put on mass, despite hours spent at the gym.

To become more muscular, you need to minimize cardio sessions. It is better to focus on intense workouts and compound exercises. What you need is 3 days of strength training and 2 days of low-intensity cardio.

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