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Dog conduct one zero one: The Yellow dog task

in case you ever see a yellow ribbon tied round a dog’s leash, it’s now not just a ornament, it’s a demonstration that the canine is participating within the Yellow canine undertaking. And that yellow ribbon shows that the dog wishes his space. The dog might also have fear or tension issues, may be overly excited or may not be social. A yellow ribbon can also be a sign that the dog is new to the handler, is below hospital therapy or is in foster care.

The yellow ribbon concept is the brainchild of The Yellow canine challenge, a nonprofit international organization created with the purpose of helping to elevate recognition and educate human beings that positive dogs require a little more space, and that they recognize being approached in a way they recognize. as an example, a newly followed dog nevertheless adapting to a brand new home environment can be fearful of human beings, especially boisterous kids. it can additionally be a canine’s first visit to a dog park.

if you see a yellow ribbon, deliver the canine a huge berth and, if you are taking walks your dog, preserve your dog faraway from the dog. The owner is giving you develop caution that their canine doesn’t want to say hello, have a meet and greet or be petted.

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