Everyone Missed Varys Trying to Poison Daenerys in Latest ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode

With so much going on in episode five of the last season of GoT, we think that we can be forgiven for not acknowledging a seemingly unimportant scene.

But, luckily for us, a few eagle-eyed fans spotted an exchange between Varys and a young girl from the kitchens which proved to be vitally important.

It would appear that, prior to his demise, Varys had been plotting to poison Daenerys. Unsuccessfully, of course, but this may be crucial to understanding why Daenerys did what she did later in the episode.

Could she have known that Varys was planning to betray her? Was this just one betrayal too many for the young Targaryen? Or was she always destined to destroy King’s Landing?

And maybe it wasn’t poison that Varys put in her food, but something else entirely as one fan has suggested…

This is Varys aka The Spider.

He was a skilled manipulator and was known for having a whole network of informants, whom he called his “little birds”, spanning across two continents.

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