Guy Shares How Keanu Reeves Bought Ice Cream Just to Give Him an Autograph

Keanu Reeves should be the poster guy for triumph over adversity. He’s been through so much in his life and even though he now has hundreds of millions in the bank, he never fails to help others.

Who could forget the video showing him not only travelling on the subway, but actually getting up and offering his seat to someone else?

Not many famous faces would do that. But for Keanu, it’s common courtesy and just one of the many acts of kindness he has carried out over the years.

So we weren’t surprised to hear that he went above and beyond to make a sixteen-year-old boy’s day by buying an ice cream that he didn’t want purely for the receipt to write his autograph on.

And just wait until you read about the extravagant Christmas gifts that he bought the special effects team on the set of The Matrix…

Keanu Reeves is known for being one of the nicest Hollywood actors.

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Apparently, he’s down to earth, kind and, best of all, humble – a rare personality trait among Hollywood’s elite.

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