Heartbreaking Photos Show How Much Living In A Dog Shelter For 6 Years Changes A Dog

But Grey hasn’t found his forever home yet. “It’s sad to see these brothers’ paths diverged so dramatically over the years,” Gamand added.

And it’s not like Grey is causing difficulties or anything. “He loves people. He loves treats and takes them gently. He has also learned to play, and how to be a doggie over the years.”

“The shelter doesn’t see many adopters because of their location. They are in rural Alabama,” Gamand explained. “They work really hard at placing their dogs with out-of-state rescues, but often rescues will pick dogs who are easier to place.”

Grey’s only issue is that he doesn’t like other dogs. “He can’t have dog friends. He can walk past them OK, but face-to-face interaction has been an issue for him. So he needs to be the only pet at home, and probably won’t be able to have dog friends. That limits the pool of adopters even more. And so the years went by, and other — more adoptable — dogs took his place over and over again. That’s the sad reality for dogs like him, unfortunately.”

This is Grey now

Image credits: Wags to Riches Photography

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