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I Decided to Sleep for Only 2 Hours a Day and I Didn’t Expect These Changes

I know how valuable time is. I’m one of those people who have their “I-need-more-time” mode on. It happens to me mostly because I like to take on new projects before I’ve finished old ones. I accumulate a lot of work and every second becomes more and more valuable. I often dream that there are more than 24 hours in a day. And since I cannot change that, I decided to create this extra time myself. How? By spending only 2 hours a day sleeping.

I want to share the results of my experiment with Viral Inspiral readers. I must say that they surprised me and were significantly different from what I expected. But first things first.


I decided to start my experiment at the beginning of the week. As they say, Monday is good for starting new things and implementing new rules regarding your daily regimen. Instead of falling asleep at night, I broke my 2-hour sleep into 20-minute naps. And the first results didn’t take long to show.

I thought that I would constantly yawn and be searching for coffee. But everything happened the exact opposite of how I thought it would. I was focused, I fell asleep and woke up after naps without any problems, and I felt rested.

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