My 30 Animal Comics To Inspire People To Love And Care For Themselves

The month of May is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness since 1949. I imagine the day when taking care of our mental health is a part of our life just like brushing our teeth, so that we do not need a month to remind us of it.

And before that day comes, self-care is still a luxury for many. Like the mother who believes her family’s needs come first, the breadwinner struggling to make ends meet, the kid trying to meet the parents’ expectation and the teenager trying to fit in. Unfortunately, any of us can be on the list.

Self-care and self-love shouldn’t be something we constantly feel guilty about. I first created the comics of the little fox and furry friends on Instagram to remind and encourage myself. Little did I expect that more and more people found them uplifting and resonating.

I hope they do the same magic to you as they do for me.

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