People With Difficult Childhoods Have 5 Advantages Over Others

The idea of a “difficult childhood” is perceived by people as something terrible. Most psychologists pay attention only to negative consequences of a difficult childhood such as psychological traumas, a lack of self-confidence, as well as other unpleasant things. However, a group of scientists decided to look at this topic from a different angle and the result of their research showed that people who had difficult times when growing up had a number of advantages over those who grew up in a good environment.

At Viral Inspiral, we carefully studied the conclusions these scientists found and would like to cheer up those who think their childhood was difficult because it’s actually not that bad. If you are aware of your advantages and know how to use them, you can live your life as a successful person and not as an eternal victim.

1. Good artistic skills

We all know stories about people that used to have difficult childhoods and managed to become famous thanks to their artistic skills. Scientists from California decided to learn more about this correlation. They surveyed 234 people in artistic professions such as musicians, dancers, actors, designers, and singers about their childhoods and then divided those surveyed into 3 groups depending on how tough their childhoods were. Turned out, that people from the third group who called their childhood very difficult were more prone to anxiety and shame. But at the same time, they were able to give themselves to art completely, plunging headfirst into their creative processes. Art was giving them the strength to change their lives for the better.

A rich fantasy can help people think up things that other people aren’t able to. Psychologist Ian Morgan Cron says, “People who haven’t suffered are as interesting as shrubbery.” He thinks that one can’t learn anything valuable from communicating with people who never had a negative experience.

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