Science Says Marriage Can Save You From Stress (Yep, It’s Not What We’re Used to Hearing)

The idea that married couples have less stress in their lives seems a bit phony. But luckily, there is an opinion we all can trust. According to science, getting hitched might actually lower our cortisol levels. So, if you haven’t found the best stress reliever yet, this option is one to think about.

Today, Viral Inspiral is going to explore if we can add one more advantage to marriage.

Marriage isn’t what we see in beautiful poems about love.

Some of those who already have rings on their fingers may probably remember all the fights or difficulties they had to go through with their partner. And if they try to think about how many of them lie ahead, their stress level may increase instantaneously. That’s why it may seem a bit weird to claim that life after a wedding is less tense.

But we can admit that there’s an ocean of warm memories and expectations too. And it seems that these things win in the end.

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