Study Reveals That Hot People Are Worse in Long-Term Relationships

Good-looking people seem to enjoy a lot of advantages in their lives. They tend to be more successful at work, easily get along with other people, and even make more money. That said, looking like a walking Calvin Klein or Victoria’s Secret ad has its own dark side. And science suggests that long-term relationships are a soft spot in this case.

Viral Inspiral is now aware that a perfect face and hot body can provide some benefits when finding a partner, but it’s not always the key to a happy and long relationship. And we are ready to tell you why.

There are too many alternatives for them.

This conclusion was found in a Harvard study. And apparently it can explain the many breakups that happen with people who are seemingly perfect and have it all together. According to researchers, attractiveness can give us an ocean of alternatives in terms of relationships, so it becomes pretty hard to protect them from outside threats.

More to the point, good-looking people may have more breakdowns because they are less interested in working through the hard parts of being in a relationship. They just don’t want to face all the difficulties and problems that come with being coupled up and prefer to run away from their problems.

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