The Story of Dickens’ Wife Who Walked Out the Door and Left Her 10 Children Behind Forever

Catherine Dickens’ family life was not a simple one. She could’ve become an actress, a writer, or a chef but she became a wife of a genius and a mother of 10 children. The great English writer, Charles Dickens dreamed about having a big family and a wife who would keep his house warm. But after 20 years of living together, he saw a crazy person in the woman he once loved and didn’t have anything in common with her anymore.

Here at Viral Inspiral, we want to share the story of how family happiness can harm you if you give up on your plans and talent, and devote yourself completely to your husband and children.

They were happy just like all newlyweds are.

Catherine Hogarth was a smart, young, good-looking 20-year-old woman when she met Charles Dickens in 1835. At the time, he was a journalist and he wasn’t famous at all. She grew up in a good family and was the daughter of an editor, musicologist, and a music critic along with a music publisher. Charles dreamed of having a strong, loving family and a wife who would be a good housewife and mother.

One year later, they got married and were happy just like most newlyweds. They were free, young, joyful, had no financial problems, and went to the theatre and social receptions.

“My best half, Mrs. D, and my dearest wife,” were how Charles often addressed his beloved Catherine.

“I will never be as happy again as I was in that apartment on the 3rd floor even if become rich and famous,” Dickens remembered.

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