This Is What the Most ‘Modified’ Young Man in Australia Used to Look Like

Most of us wish there was something about our bodies we could change. There’s probably nobody on Earth who doesn’t spend some time in front of the mirror wishing they were just a little bit different. For most of us, we would consider getting rid of our weirdly pointy nose, our giant feet, or our love handles– but for Ethan Bramble of Australia, well, it’s a different story.

As Australia’s most modified youth (a title Bramble gave himself) he has changed so much about his own body he is almost unrecognizable. And it isn’t plastic surgery. He’s not cool-sculpting some cellulite off his thighs or getting a new nose– he’s doing much, much more than that. Bramble has done things to his body that most people didn’t even know you could do to your body. It turns out there are way more things you can get at a tattoo shop than just a tattoo.

This is Ethan Bramble.

He is a 21-year-old Australian.

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