This Seems to Be Just an Ordinary Roadside Barrier, But You’ll Be Amazed When You See It in Action!

The world is full of good people constantly looking for ways to apply their creativity in order to help others. Here’s just one more example that we at Bright Side have discovered.

Metallic barriers at the side of roads are meant to keep people safe, preventing cars from going off the highway. However, if a car hits one of these barriers at great speed, the consequences can be serious.

Recently, however, the South Korean company ETI developed a new kind of barrier specifically designed to save people’s lives and reduce the chance of the driver or passengers being injured.

Plastic rollers are installed between the metal columns of the barrier. While the metal part absorbs the force of the car’s impact, the rollers begin to turn, ensuring that the car doesn’t turn over, and at the same time reducing the potential damage to the car.

We at hope to see this great invention all around the world soon enough!

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