Tongue Cat Brush Lets You Safely ‘Lick’ Your Cat While Brushing Them

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of cats, but I can understand the hype. They’re cute, they’re furry and they give you the right level of affection without getting too clingy. It’s the perfect combo for any relationship. But I’m sure we can agree that some people take their feline obsession a little too far.

And that brings me to this special product: the Tongue Cat Brush (yeah it needs a better name).

Anyway, this weird contraption allows you to “lick” your furry friend without getting all the hair stuck on your tongue. Sound’s appealing, right? No? Yeah, me neither. But let’s not judge, some people really want to be at one with their pet.

So how does it work?

Well basically, just like one of those plastic things the dentist makes you bite on when you’re having an x-ray, this bad boy works in the same way. You literally pick if you want the cat scratcher or the brush and then just slot it into your mouth and get close enough to your cat to “lick” their fur. Let’s just hope they don’t claw your eyes out in the process of showing affection.

Here’s the official description via their Amazon page: “Looking for the purr-fect gift for your favorite furry friend? With the Lick’em Cat Brush from Fairly Odd Novelties, you can get some laughs for yourself and some affection for your pet, all in one item! The food-grade plastic mouthpiece effortlessly goes in your mouth, freeing both hands so you can hold and pet your cat while being able to “lick’em” with the brush end. The tongue-shaped design is sure to delight even the fiercest feline! if you’re a crazy cat lady or just a pet lover, you need to have this wacky accessory! This ridiculous toy also makes an excellent gift at any birthday, white elephant, office, or secret Santa party!”

And hey, it even includes a gift box option if you know someone who loves their cat enough to want to faux lick them.

The Brush is $13, the Scratcher is $15, or you can get both for $21 if you’re feeling really excited.

Click here to have a look at the product for yourself.

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