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Trendy Things It’s Time to Say Good-Bye To

Cardigans that used to be popular in the 1960s, dresses with large prints from the 1980s, and flared jeans from the 1970s are things we see on the world’s runways today. Most experts agree that each fashion cycle lasts an average of 15 years. People need about 2 years to notice the trend, after that it will gain momentum for the next 5 years and after becoming popular it will peak for the next 5 years. Finally, its popularity will start decreasing and the process of fading away will take 3 years. As time passes, the trend might come back. There are several common trends that are on their way out and knowing what these are will help you avoid mistakes while creating the perfect look.

Viral Inspiral has collected a set of trends that are no longer popular and that you should try to avoid and we can’t wait to share them with you.

1. An abundance of rings

According to jewelry etiquette, the total number of rings on a woman’s hands shouldn’t exceed 3, including the wedding ring. A maximum of 2 pieces of jewelry is allowed on one hand. Keep in mind that it’s recommended to wear jewelry with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies after 5 p.m.

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