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Turns Out Those Stringy Bits On Bananas Actually Have A Name And A Purpose

When I meet somebody for the first time, I like to ask them a series of questions to determine whether or not we’re going to be compatible. What’s your favorite candy bar? What’s your favorite band? Do you prefer cats or dogs? What’s the best ice cream flavor?

It may sound bizarre, but I really can’t be bothered to waste my time talking to anybody who thinks chocolate is the best ice cream flavor. It just isn’t.

Anyway, another question I like to throw in there is, “What’s the best fruit?” It may sound like a pretty open-ended question, but there is a correct answer: the banana. It is delicious, cheap, easy to eat, and comes in its very own carry case. It is tasty on its own, in smoothies, desserts, sandwiches, and can even be made into a very pleasant ketchup to be eaten with fries (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it).

And for a delicious banana recipe, check out this mouth-watering video below:

Bananas are also great for you too! They’re packed full of energy-giving carbohydrate, contain gut-loving fiber, and heart-healthy potassium, and that’s just some of the health benefits – which is great, considering the average American eats 100 bananas every year (I personally enjoy one a day!)

The banana skins, although discarded by most, can also have many benefits. Rubbing the inner-flesh on your face makes an excellent moisturizer for skin, they can help whiten your teeth, and they make a deceptive weapon during a game of Mario Kart.

However, there’s one part of a banana that most people can’t really stand; the stringy bits.

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