What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Bread

More and more people have stopped eating bread and are trying to follow diets that contain no fast carbs. Thousands of bloggers have shared a lot of information about what’s changed in their lives since they’ve decided to quit eating flour-based products. The results are really impressive: their skin gets healthier, they lose weight, and they become more energetic. But do all these tips really work?

Viral Inspiral wants to figure this whole thing out and understand whether all types of bread are harmful or maybe just a select few. We’d like to share some facts with you — and you are free to come to your own conclusions.

White vs brown bread

Whole wheat bread and bread made up of rye or whole wheat flour are absolutely fine. These products are healthy, but when it comes to white bread, it’s not that good for you. In the 20th century, flour and yeast were changed and a combination of intense energy and additives completely displaced time in the maturing of the dough. This is the main reason to stop eating white bread, even the premium quality white bread. Let us explain this fact to you.

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