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What the Facelift Diet Is and How It Helps You Remove Wrinkles and Lose Weight

One of the most popular issues that many women have is extra weight and they worry about this all the time. And with age, another problem comes in the form of wrinkles. Women are ready to do anything to solve these problems: go hungry, workout every day, and even have surgery. The beauty industry offers a lot of ways to lose weight and slow down the aging process.

We at Viral Inspiral learned about a diet that can kill 2 birds with one stone and couldn’t help but share the basic principles with you. You will read about the influence of this diet on the body and if you follow this lifting diet by Nicholas Perricone, you will be able to see results in the improvement of your skin’s health in just 3 days.

Free radicals and skin aging

Nicholas Perricone is the author of the Facelift Diet, a dermatologist, and a nutritionist. He believes in the theory that the reason for premature aging is the free radicals that are present in our bodies, which in the right amounts help the body fight infection. However, an increase in the number of free radicals in the body can lead to a weak immune system and wrinkles.

A free radical is a damaged molecule that has lost one of its 2 electrons.

Usually, the causes of molecule damage are eating a lot of sugar, a lack of sleep, excessive UV-light exposure, smoking, and drinking.

The antidote for free radicals is high-quality proteins and antioxidants that will return the lost electron to the damaged molecules.

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