What the Most Famous Paintings of Prominent Artists Really Mean

The baffling world of modern art may look puzzling since the artists’ main ideas are not obvious in each masterpiece. But you’ll be definitely interested to know what the artists were trying to say while creating their works of art, because collectors pay huge sums of money for the works of modern artists and millions of tourists are ready to spend hours in lines to be able to have a look at these masterpieces.

Viral Inspiral has attempted to “decrypt” the hidden meanings of the most famous paintings. And they’re not that clear or obvious, by the way. So keep that in mind.

Lactulose, Damien Hirst, 2017

Damien Hirst, from Great Britain, is the wealthiest artist in the world. He’s been experimenting with colored circles for 25 years — it’s his brand. He uses them to talk about death.

The thing is, these are not just spots, but homeopathic pills. The artist is preoccupied with health in our modern society. The titles for his paintings created in his Spot painting technique were taken from the Sigma-Aldrich Catalog of Chemical Compounds.

The titles are grouped according to the type of medicine. The largest group are pharmaceutical products. Spot colors correspond to the letters in the formulas of psychoactive substances.

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