Why the Era of Glamour and Shopping Is Coming to an End and What Is Going to Replace It

The motto of our time is, “Live fast, buy faster.” Anywhere we go, anywhere we look, there are exciting offers: sales, discounts, new releases, limited editions. Brands are doing anything they can in order to sell more, and sell faster. And it’s surprising for them to see some kind of resistance. The society that is used to just consuming things has started to rebel against the idea of constant shopping. A total simplification is coming, in contrast to mass consumption: in things, food, clothes, and even life goals.

Viral Inspiral has decided to figure out where this tendency for simplification came from and what it will lead to.

Buyers are tired of buying.

Fashion is everywhere, it’s in every area of economics and it is only getting stronger every year. Clothing brands release several new collections every season, smartphone manufacturers make new top models that are supposed to make you forget about the previous wonderful release. There are so many models in every price range that people can’t even distinguish them anymore. Before, we used to really look forward to new revolutionary models and we would stand in lines just to get one for ourselves, and today we don’t even know which iPhone to get in 2019. There are too many different options.

The consumer culture is based on getting short-term satisfaction from a purchase. Economics is stimulating us, “Don’t think, buy, throw it away, and buy a new one.” And we are tired. We are tired of new releases, new commercials, and new fashion changes. Society just can’t keep up with all of it. And the brands are basically making the same things, they aren’t really even inventing anything new.

2018 and the first half of 2019 have been very illustrative: mobile phone sales are not growing, they’re falling for the first time ever. The smartphone market still hasn’t found its way back after the drop in 2018, and now it’s falling even lower. The previously dynamic car market is also dropping, even Chinese manufacturers are experiencing big trouble for the first time in 20 years.

Companies are being forced to look for new paths and mechanisms for how to sell their products and stay afloat. Many companies are offering products for rent, others are investing in the production of more expensive long-term things, and some are experimenting with subscription services. Everyone is trying new forms of advertising because the old ones are just not effective anymore.

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