Why the Traditional Family Model Doesn’t Make People Happy Anymore

In the past 30 years, family values have changed a whole lot: people are not eager to get married or have children, and there are more and more people who prefer to live alone. There are a lot of factors that created this change in how people think and we will talk about each of them in this article. At the end of the article, there’s a prediction of what might happen if this trend continues to rise.

Viral Inspiral tried to understand the reasons for why there are more and more people who don’t see family and children as a part of their most important life goals.

1. The more educated people there are, the lower the birth rate.

All around the world, people start thinking about having their first child much later than their ancestors did. This tendency is most noticeable in developed countries: the average age when women decide to become mothers is between 30-34 years old. The number of those who didn’t become mothers until between the ages of 40-44 has doubled and so has the number of people who’ve decided to not have children at all.

The birth rate in developing countries has dropped too: in the 60s, an average woman had about 6 children, now it’s about 4, and in some regions — no more than 2.

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