Youtuber Who Kissed Sister for a ‘Prank’ Forces Mum to Kiss Him

There’s nothing that a YouTuber wouldn’t do for a little time in the spotlight. PrankInvasion has just proved it. Twice.

2 months ago, Chris Monroe, the man behind said channel, posted a video of himself kissing his sister. Even though people were either grossed out by it or called it fake, the video has received millions of views and thousands of thumbs-up.

Since it became a hit and got lots of media attention, Chris decided to make another one. This time he kissed his mother. It was even worse. He bragged about the first video making it big on YouTube, then sneaked up on her to “pop the question.”

But at the end of the day, after all the theories about the legitimacy and wrongness of the two videos have been shared, one question was still left that no one could figure out the answer to.

Are you ready for the most cringey thing you’ll ever see? Keep scrolling.

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